The Contractor/Client Relationship

Keeping a Positive Relationship Between Contractor and Client is KEY!

The Number One component to keep a positive relationship between Contractor and Client is TRUST! No matter how big or small, a renovation costs money, your money! You want to make sure your Contractor not only has your money invested properly but you want to make sure that your vision of the end design is aligned adequately.

You need to trust your Contractor as you would a Doctor, a Dentist, even your Hair Colorist! We entrust in these professionals because, in fact, they are a professional in that field. You wouldn’t go to your Dentist and start to explain to them how to do your filling…same goes for your remodel! Ask yourself…”Do you know why you do a return on trim rather than cut it straight?”. If the answer is No, chances are you aren’t educated in the logistics of home remodeling. Therefore, it is so important to trust your Contractor!

The relationship between Contractor and Client can become blurred between the lines. Realistically, a Contractor spends a lot of time in your home. There are a lot of conversations, text messages, emails, etc. Those blurred lines at times can be joyful, where you feel as though you have developed a friendship. Other times when the stress is high, you might as well be looking Satan right in the face. Truly trusting both parties can help minimize these stressful situations. Always keep in mind that you both have the same end goal, a finished project.

This might be hard to hear, but the Contractor must trust you too! He must entrust that after the first installment of work is done per the contract that you will pay your bill in a timely manner. Are you a person that is going to question the bill and try to negotiate it down? Or are you going to pay your bill and keep the trust? Understand that your Contractor wants you to LOVE your end project, but he is also in this business to make Money. It’s daunting to feel like you must justify your work, your price. The price is the price, you don’t have to buy the product. You wouldn’t find yourself at Anthropologie asking for a discount on the sweater you’ve had your eye on just because you think it is priced too highly. You would value it’s worth and decide to purchase it or not. Another common comment from a client, “I’m spending all of this money, shouldn’t I get (Blank) for free?”. Well, NO! For example, you just went on a shopping spree at Target. You spent $1,000 and at the checkout, you add gum and a magazine. Would you turn to the cashier clerk and ask for the gum and magazine for free because “You Just Spent So Much Money”! Seems ridiculous, right?!

Although trust is the number one factor in keeping a positive relationship between Contractor and Client there are other key factors. Boundaries. You want your Contractor to respect you, your home, your belongings. Your House, Your Rules…it’s as simple as that! But Boundaries go both ways. Yes, you have signed up for somewhat of a concierge service and your Contractor should be available to answer any question at any time. But we do need to realize that this very same Contractor does have a family of his own. Ask yourself before sending a text or calling on a Sunday afternoon, “Is this an emergency? Is this something that can wait until Monday morning?”. If the answer is No, it cannot wait until Monday morning, pick up that phone and call! If it is a true emergency, your Contractor should 100% be aware of the problem and should be there to rectify the situation. If it’s something that can wait, jot down your thought so you don’t forget it, and remember he is trying to enjoy his Sunday afternoon just like you.

Lastly, keeping an honest, open communication is very important. If you are unhappy with something, and it may be something small, do not keep it in, say something! The situation that you are concerned about may not be as big as you are imagining it. You need to nurture the relationship between Contractor and Client as if you would any other relationship in your life.

Happy Remodeling!

Mary Jane


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