Top Factors That Affect Your Kitchen Remodels Bottom Line

So you’re ready to pull the trigger and renovate your desperately tired, dated kitchen….Hooray! You reach out to three different contractors to get quotes and to be honest you are quite shocked at the price. How in the world can a kitchen renovation cost this much?! This article is to help understand the costs of a kitchen renovation and hopefully help you set a realistic budget.

The first area of business…how involved is your renovation? Are you looking for a little face lift or are you going for the whole enchilada? If you decide to rip out a structural wall to create an open concept this could cost anywhere from $4,000-$10,000 plus. Are you keeping all key components in place? Rerouting plumbing and any gas lines can tack on an extra few thousand depending on how involved. Other general items that seem to be forgotten about when planning are new windows and doors.

***Costs are estimated based on authors past experience***

Cabinetry. Your choice of cabinets can have huge variations in cost. Custom or Stock Cabinetry, which is a better fit for your kitchen, for your budget? Custom Cabinetry has the benefit of being built to just about any size or shape imaginable. You don’t end up with any fillers and the organizational features are endless, but all of these perks don’t come cheap. You can expect to pay anywhere from $600-$1,000 per lineal foot. An average kitchen of about 20 lineal feet of wall space plus an 8 foot island of custom cabinetry can cost anywhere from $30K to $50K plus. Stock Cabinets almost cuts that cost in half but you don’t get all of the endless options. This is a prime example of the old saying “You Get What You Pay For”. When deciding on your kitchen renovation, ask yourself “How important is it to have custom cabinetry and is it worth the price?”.

Appliances. This is without a doubt one of the largest budget items that you will have to decide on. Do your research! We can’t stress that enough. The choices are endless and even the most expensive appliances can have their issues. Choose wisely, you want each item to last as long as your kitchen. Expect a middle of the road appliance suite to run in the $10,000 range, a higher end suite comes in at $30,000 plus.

Countertops. The options are endless and so are there prices. Quartz, Quartzite, Granite, Marble, Corian, Soapstone, Concrete, and Wood. Costs can range from $35 to over $150 per square foot. An average of 65 square feet per kitchen can easily cost anywhere from a few thousand to over $10K. We could write an entire article on the pluses and minuses of different countertops (A new blog post on countertop materials coming soon)! The point here is there is something for everyone and for every budget.

Other items to consider. New Lighting, Plumbing Fixtures, Flooring, Backsplash Materials, and Decorative Hardware. There is a lot involved in a kitchen renovation and it could easily be one of the largest financial commitments of your life. Take your time, choose the designer/contractor that best fits you and your needs. The main goal here is to complete a wonderful living space that you and your whole family can enjoy for many years to come.


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